TY The Tasmanian Tiger – Handheld Gameplay

TY The Tasmanian Tiger – Handheld Gameplay

Krome Studios have released a new preview of the upcoming HD remaster of TY The Tasmanian Tiger – this time showcasing its gameplay in the Switch’s handheld mode.

From what we can see below, it’s certainly looking fresh on the system!


About TY The Tasmanian Tiger

TY the Tasmanian Tiger is Krome Studios’ charming Australiana-themed videogame that debuted in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube, the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. Krome Studios was a finalist of the Australian Game Developer Association annual awards with Best Handheld Game, Best Game Audio, and for Outstanding Visual Arts.  We’re chuffed that TY the Tasmanian Tiger won Best Character Design, and that millions of people fell in love with the game and its characters too. 

In 2019, we’re seeking to return to our roots and our mates with a nostalgic re-mastering of this platformer-genre classic.  We’re seeking US$50,000 to bring TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD to the Nintendo Switch – with stretch goals for other consoles! The best part will be the new Switch controls where you can use them like boomerangs to throw and glide. And because it’s on the Switch, you can take it with you – it’s portable!

While we’re at it, we’ll improve the graphics and the audio, and of course we’ll need funds for the various testing costs associated with releasing a product on Nintendo’s console. Passing Lot Check ain’t free ya know. 

TY the Tasmanian Tiger will be hitting the Switch eShop on 31 March 2020.