Warframe – Heart of Deimos Out Now

Warframe – Heart of Deimos Out Now

Digital Extremes that their latest expansion for Warframe, Heart of Deimos, is out now in a new patch that will take up around 3.55 GB of storage on Nintendo Switch.


About Heart of Deimos 

Delve deep into the Heart of Deimos. Command your Necramech through a grotesque landscape teeming with Infested creatures. Learn the truth behind Deimos’ dark inhabitants, the Entrati, and work with them to defend Deimos from the spreading Infestation.

Visit the grotesquely beautiful Cambion Drift in Heart of Deimos, the latest update in the ever expanding Origin System. Work with the Entrati to defend Deimos from the spreading Infestation that threatens to constrict the Heart of Deimos. Are you ready to meet the Entrati, Tenno?

The new Heart of Deimos Quest will see you following Mother, and her loyal (if a little damaged) servants Loid and Otak, into the sinister mystery that surrounds the Infested Moon of Deimos. You must look past Deimos’ wormed exterior if you ever hope to understand its secrets, Tenno. Collect the tattered remains of Xaku and unleash its Void power to corrupt and confuse enemies. Infuse your Warframes with new Abilities by utilizing the Helminth System aboard your Orbiter.

Access Heart of Deimos by completing the Mars Junction on your path through the Star Chart!