Wildfrost announced

Wildfrost announced

Wildfrost was announced by Chucklefish, Deadpan Games, and Gaziter. The tactical roguelike deckbuilder will be available on Nintendo Switch this autumn.


About Wildfrost

The sun has gone dark…

The planet has fallen victim to the Wildfrost. Only Snowdwell and its survivors remain as the final line of defense against an everlasting winter… Build a deck of strong card partners and elemental artifacts as you fight your way to the Sun Temple and finally put an end to the ice!

Perfect your card battling and deck-building abilities before embarking on a mission to put a stop to The Wildfrost! Begin your voyage with your selected tribal Leader, who is endowed with a unique set of randomised talents and stats, before charting your course across the harsh frozen environment.

You may rescue and enlist frozen comrades along the route, discover forgotten riches, and spend your hard-earned blings with traveling merchants. The choices you make and the paths you follow throughout each run will help you build a strong deck that is unique to you each time you play.

Collect a plethora of adorable yet powerful card companions, as well as useful goods and clunker cards to assist you in combat. Experiment with various elemental card combinations to uncover your winning combination.

Your companion cards aren’t simply throwaway minions for doing damage; upgrade and customize them by adding wobbling charms to boost their abilities, turning your deck into a strong (and cute) force to be reckoned with!

Plan ahead of time with the assistance of a dynamic counter system to plan out your next move and repel your opponents. Cards do not attack every round in Wildfrost combat, despite the fact that they are turn-based. Instead, they have a ‘counter’ that counts down the number of turns until they are ready to move automatically!

You may plan your ideal move by keeping an eye on opposing monster counters. Should you buff your companions? Stopping an opposing attack? Or set your own timeframe to wreak mayhem quickly! It is up to you to swing the tide strategically in your favor.

Do you need a break? Take refuge in the quaint village of Snowdwell. Survivors have come here to stay warm by harnessing the power of the Luminice, a massive shard of heated ice.

After each run, you’ll be able to return and progressively contribute to the expansion of the hub town itself, erecting structures such as a Pet Shop, Inventors Hut, and more! With new cards, tribes, cosmetics, tasks to accomplish, and events to meet, these new places will uncover exciting and useful new stuff to utilize throughout your journeys.

Do you believe you’ve vanquished the Frost Guardian? Even once you’ve defeated the ice, Wildfrost will have you coming back for more with daily runs and challenges! Improve your score by putting your talents to the test!