Witch On The Holy Night is coming December 2022 with English subtitles included

Witch On The Holy Night is coming December 2022 with English subtitles included

The popular TYPE-MOON visual novel’s console release date has finally been announced! TYPE-MOON has announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Witch on the Holy Night would be released in Japan in December 2022. The visual novel will be available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

The Japanese voice cast has also been revealed:

  • Aoi Aozaki (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu)
  • Kuonji, Alice (voiced by Kana Hanazawa)
  • Shizuki Soujuurou (voiced by Yuusuke Kobayashi)
  • Kumari, Kojika (voiced by Chika Anzai)
  • Housuke Kinomi (voiced by Toshinari Fukamachi) Tobimaru Tsukiji (voiced by Shohei Kajikawa)

About Witch On The Holy Night

Type-visual Moon’s novel Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Witch on the Holy Night) was published for the PC in Japan on April 12, 2012. Witch on the Holy Night was Tye-first Moon’s all-ages release, and the first to feature Koyama Hirokazu as the game’s principal artist rather than co-founder Takashi Takeuchi.


In 1996, Type-Moon co-founder Kinoko Nasu wrote a book called Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. Kinoko Nasu’s novel was his first book, and it was exclusively shared with his friends and family. However, after the phenomenal success of the Tsukihime and Fate/stay night series, Type-Moon decided to turn Kinoko’s work into a visual novel. Mahou Tsukai no Yoru was announced in April 2008, with a release date of 2009, but the project quickly became known for being postponed many times and being in production for more than four years. The initial delay pushed the game’s release date to September 2010, followed by a second delay to September 2011, and eventually a third delay to an April 2012 release date.

The Nintendo Switch re-release will be a high-definition remake of the original PC visual novel, which was launched in April 2012.