Yolked is coming in 2022

Yolked is coming in 2022

The physics-based platformer Yolked is coming to Nintendo Switch, according to publisher Hitcents and developer HardBoiled Studios. The release date has been set for 2022.

Players in Yolked are tasked with pursuing an egg that has escaped using their arms. You’ll have to escape attackers and overcome obstacles while collecting outfits and making sure they don’t break. Climbing, mantling, and swinging are all used in platformers to get over environmental hazards and perils.

Yolked is now available in Early Access on Steam, where fans may communicate directly with the development team and contribute to the game’s development. The project is now divided into three stages: kitchen, attic, and backyard. As the project progresses, more material and features should be added.

Yolked will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop as a digital download. Keep an eye out for a final release date.


About Yolked

Follow the EGG-scruciating escape of an egg with arms!

Avoid enemies and overcome obstacles!

Collect all the costumes!

Watch out for the attic . . . Most importantly, don’t crack!

The Great EGG-Scape

YOLKED is a kinetic, physics-based platforming romp where you take control of an anthropomorphic egg as it emancipates itself from one perilous predicament to the next! Climb, mantle, & swing past all sorts of environmental hazards & dastardly dangers as your fellow eggs cheer you on!

What to EGG-spect

  • Fling yourself to freedom across three danger-filled stages! (Kitchen, Attic, & The Backyard!)
  • Traverse multiple routes for optimal times!
  • Unlock a multitude of costumes for an egg-cellent fit!