Yuji Naka: removed before launch of Balan Wonderworld and filed a lawsuit

Yuji Naka: removed before launch of Balan Wonderworld and filed a lawsuit

Yuji Naka, a well-known video game director, has revealed why Balan Wonderworld was launched in such an incomplete and unpolished manner.

Mr. Naka claims that Square Enix fired him as director of the 3D platformer six months before its debut. When this occurred, he filed a lawsuit against Square Enix for wrongfully firing him, and the case is now closed. He expresses surprise that Square Enix and Arrest published Balan Wonderworld in such a condition.

Yuji Naka’s comments (roughly) translated

“I was fired as the director of Balan Wonderworld approximately a half-year before its release, so I sued Square Enix.” I’d want to speak out now that the processes have concluded and I’m no longer constrained by business guidelines.

“I believe Square Enix is foolish not to appreciate games and game lovers. I was fired as the director of Balan Wonderworld for two reasons, according to court filings. It was completed by the producer, marketing director, sound director, managing director, and human resources.

“First, when a YouTuber’s prepared piano rendition of the game music was published in a promotion instead of the actual game track, thereby turning the composer into a ghostwriter, I insisted on the release of the original track, which sparked controversy.”

“Second, according to court records, [Naoto] Ohshima informed producer [Noriyoshi] Fujimoto that the relationship with [developer] Arzest had been broken because of statements I made trying to enhance the game in the face of Arzest submitting the game without correcting issues.”

“Also, in an e-mail to Fujimoto, Ohshima said, ‘I just informed the workers about the demo delay.’ ‘This was prod,’ I informed them. Fujimoto’s choice. ‘Let us do our best for him,’ the employees yelled and clapped. This was unexpected, and it touched me… The staff has been down recently, but their spirits have been resurrected. Thank you kindly. ‘Everyone on the team will work very hard.’ So the timeline wasn’t up to me, but the producer, and the tight schedule was the producer’s fault. Something wasn’t quite right.

“We were publishing an original game, but merely providing an arranged tune was clearly incorrect.” The game soundtrack that everyone can hum is, I think, the original recordings.

“I think that every effort should be made to the very end to create games the best they can be so that game enthusiasts can appreciate what they purchase.” It wasn’t proper to disengage and entirely detach from the project based only on a director’s statement.

“Because retweeting, like, and other social media activities were prohibited, I don’t believe Square Enix loves gaming fans.” I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to all of the comments and great drawings about Balan Wonderworld.

“I personally apologize to the clients who purchased Balan Wonderworld in an incomplete form. From now on, I’ll be able to respond to postings tagging me or addressed only at me on social media and the like.

“I feel that asking for adjustments in order to develop something nice should be a given when producing games, and if that’s not feasible, it should be discussed, but it seems that they can’t.” I don’t believe they place a high importance on gaming.

“Two weeks before finishing Sonic the Hedgehog, the parameters were adjusted so that if you had even one ring, you won’t die.” This now-famous rule was the result of working tirelessly to improve the game to the very end, and people all around the globe have appreciated it as a consequence.

“Improving a game till the very end is what it’s all about as a game producer, and if that’s not feasible, something’s wrong.” I urged my lawyer to negotiate only being permitted to remark until the conclusion of production, but they refused, prompting me to bring a lawsuit.

“I believe that the resultant Balan Wonderworld and the critical reaction it garnered had a significant impact on what transpired.” “I’m quite sad that a product on which I worked from the beginning has turned out this way.”