Zombie Army 4 – Free Horde Map, Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack

Zombie Army 4 – Free Horde Map, Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack

Zombie Army 4: Dead War, which was just published on Nintendo Switch, has gotten additional content in the form of a free Horde Map as well as the Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack.

All players have free access to the “Death Collector.” This is being provided as part of a free update.


Video url; https://youtu.be/9gjIK-ZvhMY 

Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack

For Zombie Army 4: Dead War, the Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack includes a two-part campaign task as well as new clothing for Karl, Marie, and Josiah. 

In the new mission, the cult’s few remaining members have fled deep into hell and activated the enigmatic Projekt Ragnarök. Alpha Squad, with the assistance of Schweiger, must thwart the scheme that threatens to destroy the globe.

The Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack includes the following items:

  • – Parts I and II of the Ragnarök Campaign – Future Karl Outfit – Karl Wears Two Hats (Robot Eye + Ballistic Helmet)
  • – Marie Lounge Singer Outfit – Two Hats (Tilt Hat + Quick Disguise Kit) for Marie
  • – Josiah Detective Outfit – Two Hats (Detective Fedora + Sunglasses) for Josiah

The Ragnarök Campaign and Character Pack costs $14.99.

About Zombie Army 4 – Dead War

All Season Passes are included. ONE FREE CONTENT:

3 extra levels, 4 character packs, 9 weapon bundles, 5 weapon skin packs, and 4 character outfit bundles are all available.

Hitler’s armies return in this spine-chilling shooter from the creators of Sniper Elite 4! In 1940s Europe, you’ll face monstrous occult opponents, amazing weaponry, and a terrifying new campaign for 1-4 people as you struggle to preserve humanity from zombie Armageddon!

The resistance has destroyed Zombie Hitler and sent him into Hell – but the dead rise again, hungrier than ever!

Continue the alternative history of Zombie Army Trilogy in massive new levels, and discover a dark scheme that brings the Survivor Brigade all the way through Italy and beyond!

Fight the powers of evil in corpse-infested canals, escape a Zombie Zoo, and go to dark, unfathomable regions no one has ever been…and survived to tell the story!

Award-Winning Action

Feel the genre-defining ballistics. Rebellion as seen in the Sniper Elite series, put to good use against the shambling hordes of the damned!

Dismemberment and upgraded Kill Cams

The X-Ray Kill Camera is back! In X-ray, guns, explosives, and other objects damage bones and organs in horrific slow motion. As your shots rip a rotted limb or two, tremble as the dead KEEP COMING!

Deep Progression and Personalization

As you progress through the ranks, customize your slayer! Do you want to be a guardian angel? Take harm for the sake of your comrades! Do you adore that turret? Why not bring it along? Then, when you acquire different clothes, emotes, and taunts, you may slay in style!

Melee Killer

When the dead surround you, use upgraded melee fighting to fight back! With frightening takedown skills, you may barge through crowds, stomp on skulls, and dispatch the living dead!

Epic Armory

Use the power of fire, lightning, and divine essence to enhance your weaponry on the workshop and make homemade hell raisers! A lightning-shooting assault rifle? A handgun equipped with a blazing Bayonet? In humanity’s last struggle, everything is possible!

Massive Multitudes

Combat legions of ghoulish grabbers, huge armoured elites, terrible shadow demons, explosive suicide generals, and a slew of unexpected surprises! You’ll wish you’d remained behind the couch when you’re gazing down the meaty barrel of a ZOMBIE TANK!