Crawlco Block Knockers – Physical edition confirmed

Crawlco Block Knockers – Physical edition confirmed

Eastasiasoft and Funbox Media signed a partnership to distribute physical releases of games and the companies’ next title is now on the horizon.

Eastasiasoft confirmed that a physical edition of Crawlco Block Knockers will indeed be heading to Europe, with a launch date of 25 June 2021 and price tag of £24.99. This physical edition of the game will include exclusive new character art, along with a physical CD soundtrack.

Crawlco Block Knockers arrives in physical form with even more sexy content featuring new character art, exclusive to the physical release, bundled with a disc-based original soundtrack. With a light-hearted story and plenty of retro neon style, this is the definitive way to experience Crawlco’s unique blend of reveal mechanics and match-3 puzzle action!


About Crawlco Block Knockers

Return to the feel of smoky ‘90s Japanese arcades as you pull, kick and match blocks to reveal hidden images of the lovely ladies behind each stage! As blocks enter the play field, knock them into marked zones while avoiding and smashing enemies, all as your workspace gets tighter. Aim carefully to boost your score, but don’t get boxed in!


  • Match blocks in marked zones to reveal increasingly sexy images including 2 images exclusive to the physical version of the game.
  • Jump, pull and kick blocks in pixel art style!
  • Control the naughtiness of your experience with “modesty” settings.
  • Test your block-slinging skills in elaborate boss battles!
  • Enjoy light-hearted story and dialogue between stages.
  • Get in the mood with a future funk CD-based original soundtrack bundled with the game!