Dream Trigger 3D

Dream Trigger 3D

Immerse yourself in a world exploding with colour as Dream Trigger 3D brings non-stop shoot ‘em up action to Nintendo 3DS.

As the “fixer of dreams”, it’s up to you to enter 10 stunning 3D environments and end the nightmarish attacks of the enemy before they overrun you. With 50 levels to conquer and over 100 challenges to achieve, the arcade action never lets up!

In order to blow away your foes you’ll first have to reveal their whereabouts by triggering sonar bombs, then blast them to bits and watch as they become multicoloured 3D patterns. The visual experience of exploding enemies, combined with inventive level design and an entrancing soundtrack, makes for a rich 3D experience that engages all of your senses in style.

The frenetic combination of colour and light in Dream Trigger 3D can be enjoyed in three game modes which each present their own unique challenges. Tackle World Play, Free Play and Time Attack Modes alone, or face-off with another friend who owns Dream Trigger 3D in Versus Mode. With two players, Dream Trigger 3D turns into a competitive challenge where you and your rival will battle to score the most points by taking out enemies and temporarily disarming one another.

Prepare for a journey where colour, sound and relentless action blend into a 3D experience that will keep your trigger finger twitching and your eyes wide with wonder!

  • Enjoy arcade-style shoot ‘em up action spread across 10 environments. Conquer 50 levels and aim to achieve 100 challenges.
  • Colourful 3D visuals draw you into a world designed to engage all your senses. Enjoy an entrancing multi-layered soundtrack and inventive level design as you play.
  • Multiple game modes keep the action fresh. Tackle three solo modes or challenge a friend with Dream Trigger 3D in competitive a multiplayer mode.