LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game

LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game

Shiver me timbers! Disney Interactive Studios and TT Games invite you to hoist yer flag and raise anchor for a high seas adventure – as LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game comes to Nintendo 3DS.

Bringing all the swashbuckling action of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies alive in LEGO form, this thrilling new take on the series is sure to excite and delight with plenty of skullduggery and swordplay! Savvy?

This piratical action/adventure game’s hull is crammed full of combat, puzzles and exploration, as well as famous movie scenes re-imagined lovingly with a healthy dash of trademark LEGO humour. Over the course of more than 20 levels you’ll get to travel through beloved locations from the films, reliving key moments and scenes – but this time you’re in the Captain’s chair! As a fully-fledged pirate, the world is full of things to claim as your own, if only you can find them – you’ll need all your cunning to sniff out secrets, hidden treasure and collectables…

Featuring 70 iconic scallywags and hearties from the movies in LEGO Minifigure form, including the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Captain Barbossa and more! Each character has their own special abilities and preferred weapons so while some simply can’t go without a flintlock pistol or blunderbuss, for others only a trusty, rusty blade will do. The introduction of intense sword-fighting moves renders combat in the world of grog, gold and flashing blades anew with a unique LEGO twist.

In Story Mode you can follow the course of Captain Jack Sparrow through the story of the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies, whereas Free Play allows you to choose a bigger crew and venture out to revisit areas for booty and glory. But what’s loot for, if not to spend it? You can cash in all the treasure you’ve accumulated in the Souvenir Shop to unlock characters for Free Play, or buy hints and other extras too!

Nintendo 3DS allows players to trade in Play Coins to unlock new characters and cross cutlasses with other players via StreetPass in Pirate Duels. All you have to do is select a series of attacks and blocks for your LEGO pirate and when you meet other players your skirmish will play out – should you triumph, a bounty of experience points will be yours!

Should all this have made you believe that it’s a pirate’s life for ye, then set sail with no delay for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game on Nintendo 3DS.

  • Featuring 70 characters and famed locations from the movie series
  • Exploration, combat and puzzles await you in over 20 action-packed levels
  • There’s hours of fun to be had on a search for the treasure, secrets and collectables which are hidden in fiendish places throughout the game
  • Use Play Coins and Pirate Duels via StreetPass to get extra booty!