Naruto Shippuden: The New Era

Naruto Shippuden: The New Era

Hold on tight as the irrepressible Naruto leaps onto Nintendo 3DS and gets his teenage kicks in a brand new dimension!

For the first time, the Naruto videogame series makes the shift into stereoscopic 3D, bringing to life an adventure that blends the over-the-top combat and intriguing storylines fans have come to expect from the series with the multifaceted features of Nintendo 3DS.

The adventure begins with the Five Great Nations on the brink of battle, and Naruto setting out to discover what lies behind the unrest and avert the tide of war. Perhaps the brewing conflict is related to the bizarre behaviour of the Five Kages – powerful and mysterious warriors, whose presence in the game represents another first for the Naruto videogame series.

On your journey you’ll lead Naruto and helpful allies from the Leaf Village into an adventure spanning nine different locations. New stages will be unlocked as you advance, each one full of enemies to battle and rich in secrets. Running and jumping through the platform-based levels, you’ll see Naruto’s world like never before as the 3D visuals bring characters and environments to life and you reel off the ninja’s trademark moves to flatten foes and challenging bosses.

Taking advantage of the Nintendo 3DS system’s gyro sensor, Naruto Shippuden: The New Era invites you to tilt your console at key moments in order to dodge incoming attacks – drawing you more into the game as you think and move more like a ninja! Combat is also enhanced by the ability to call on supporting allies. Choose three characters from a cast of ten that you can summon during levels to aid you in times of trouble. Pick the right ally at the right moment for a strategic advantage over the enemy.

As inspiration to explore every corner, finding Naruto’s rival Sasuke on each level will unlock him as a playable character. And in a further treat for fans, the game also stars an all new female ninja known as Malice. Combine all this with the fact Naruto can enter Sage Mode and transform into a significantly more powerful version of himself when his special gauge is full, and you have a feast of Naruto action destined to satisfy the most avid of anime addicts!

Finally, players will also be able to unlock special in-game items and characters thanks to the cameras of the Nintendo 3DS system. In Sharingan vision mode, the system’s cameras will apply a red filter to whatever you view – enabling you to decipher secret codes that the game’s publisher 505 Games will issue through various publications and on their website – earning you access to even more Naruto goodness!

Get into Naruto in a new way by experiencing his first ever 3D adventure in Naruto Shippuden: The New Era for Nintendo 3DS.

  • Experience a Naruto adventure in 3D for the first time, tackling enemies from the series as you explore platform-based levels.
  • Use the Nintendo 3DS system’s gyro sensor to avoid enemy attacks and the handheld’s cameras to unlock special content.
  • Unlock Sasuke as a playable character, meet a new ninja called Malice and choose strategic allies to aid you in battle.