Prepare to take combat to new depths as action/adventure game SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles comes to Nintendo 3DS.

The WARRIORS brand of action games are all about the fun and excitement of beating countless enemies in battle, as one warrior versus 1000, using simple and intuitive controls. The SAMURAI WARRIORS games are set during the Warring States period of Japanese history, putting you in the shoes of real Samurai generals who lived hundreds of years ago. Now you can enjoy the excitement of command in stereoscopic 3D – putting you in the heat of the melee and bringing you closer to your favourite officers in conversation scenes.

In SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles the story focuses on two central characters, each with their own weapons and gameplay styles – the decisions you make when playing them will change how you progress to make your experience of this historic period truly individual. For the first time in the series you can control four different characters in real-time battles! The intuitive Touch Screen controls allow you to instantly switch between characters or set your strategy in the heat of combat.

To emerge victorious in SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles you’ll need to be a skilful warrior in hand-to-hand combat and a leader with a shrewd mind. Keep an eye on the morale of enemy troops and strike tactically to lower their morale, weakening their troops. Utilise character-specific Battle Skills to give your side the edge, or pair up warriors who have co-operative Battle Skills for devastating effects! Set the missions of non-playable characters to bolster your efforts in the field, so that you can strategically focus your own attacks to emerge victorious!
Using StreetPass you can battle other players automatically while carrying your Nintendo 3DS system and earn items you can equip in the main game!

With numerous scenario branches that change dependent on your choices in-game there’s more than 50 hours of thrilling gameplay to enjoy in SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles, and further scenarios to download using SpotPass to ensure your command is long and fruitful!

  • Control 4 different characters during battle. Instantly switch using Touch Screen icons.
  • Enjoy the excitement of the Warring States period in stereoscopic 3D.
  • Earn items to equip in the main game via StreetPass battles, or download further scenarios using SpotPass.
  • Over 50 hours of challenging gameplay to keep you entertained.
  • Download additional scenarios for SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles via SpotPass!
  • Engage in virtual battles via StreetPass and earn enhanced weaponry by selecting four warriors and a military formation to best other players you pass in the street!