Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

Mark 30 years of the Fire Emblem series!

Meet Marth and recruit some of the most beloved Fire Emblem characters in their 8-bit glory in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light for Nintendo Switch! Play through all 25 chapters of this classic Famicom tactical role-playing game that started the Fire Emblem legacy, localised** and released for the first time in Europe.

Follow Marth on an epic journey

From defending the kingdom of Talys to facing off against the titular Shadow Dragon, see Marth’s humble beginnings from a refugee in Talys to the hero of Archanea!

Our scrappy hero must be poised to take on any challenge. Luckily, he has a capable group of allies at his side: Tiki, Minerva, the Whitewing Sisters, and more!

Discover the origins of Fire Emblem

Choose from over 50 playable characters and discover the roots of the strategic gameplay that defines the Fire Emblem series to this day.

Pick the units and classes suited to the mission at hand and approach characters on the battlefield to forge relationships, and even add to your army.

Make a mistake or lose a favourite unit? New features like Quick Save, Quick Load and Rewind let you tailor the challenge to fit your play style!

Classic characters

Choose from over 50 characters and over 20 classes as you find the right strategy for each chapter. Here are just a few of the allies you’ll meet and the foes you’ll face.

Class: Lord
Weapons: Sword

“The brave knights of Altea stand ready.”

Class: Pegasus Knight
Weapons: Swords, Lances

“Please, help us put a stop to this pointless fighting. Lend us your strength!”

Class: Wyvern Knight
Weapons: Swords, Lances

“Dolhr is responsible for my father’s death. I seek revenge for that.”

Class: Mercenary
Weapons: Swords

“I feel bad killing you, but it was your mistake to come here. Now die!”

Class: Manakete
Weapons: Stones

“You will bear witness to the true power of the Earth Dragons…”

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