Red Game Without a Great Name

Red Game Without a Great Name

Teleport yourself into the most hardcore game this fall. Try to imagine a game simple in its basics but demanding from the very first level, where everything might kill you. Even the camera and the main protagonist are against you as both of them constantly move forward. Add some barbed wire, spikes, and sawblades and you’ll get Red Game Without a Great Name. And in this game, you will die a lot.

You control a mechanical bird that serves as a messenger in a hostile, steampunk world. To get the letter from one cage to another, you have to manoeuvre the bird between all the obstacles. However, you don’t directly control the main hero. The bird moves at its own pace, as does the camera. The trick is you can only order the bird to teleport from one point to another by clicking on it and dragging to mark its destination.

Don’t worry about getting frustrated, though (not too much at least). You won’t notice loading screens between the restarts, and the swinging music as well as the “one more try” syndrome will keep you playing until you complete all of the 60 cleverly designed levels.

There are three different power-ups to help you out in your mailman duties, but beware, they may work as double-edged swords if used without caution.

  • Simple to grasp, hard to master game mechanic – click and drag to teleport
  • 60 difficult levels
  • 180 gears to collect
  • Three power-ups to enhance your abilities
  • Unique art style dominated by red
  • One more attempt syndrome
  • Swinging music

Release info - Red Game Without a Great Name

Release date
2017-11-24 00:00:00

Draw Distance

Demo available

DLC available

Max players

Age rating

NS Online support

Game code

Cloud Saves support

Voice Chat support

HD Rumble support

english, spanish, french, german, italian, portuguese, russian

puzzle, arcade

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