Nano Assault Neo

Nano Assault Neo

The entire nano cosmos is under threat from the deadly Nanostray virus and only one person can stop it… you! Shrink down to microscopic size and prepare to blast your way through millions of deadly enemies in Nano Assault Neo, available to download from Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

Take control of a miniscule ship armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry, then traverse individual cells to wipe out any trace of the virus. Use the control sticks of the Wii U GamePad to move and shoot simultaneously – the Left Stick to manoeuvre your ship, the Right Stick to aim and fire. You can also use the Wii U GamePad touch screen to adjust the position of your ship’s satellites, altering the ferocity of your firepower in an instant.

The faster you wipe out the enemy cells, the more points you’ll score and the quicker you’ll be able to move onto the next stage. Watch out for heart-pounding races through bonus-filled tunnels along the way, as well as gigantic boss battles that’ll take every ounce of skill to survive.

Play through a variety of game modes and pit your scores against the world with online leaderboards. You can play solo or co-operatively with a friend, with each person having their own screen. One player uses the GamePad screen while the other views the game on TV and controls the action with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Wii Classic Controller. And if the TV is in use, you transfer the single-player action to the GamePad screen and continue the fight to save mankind!

  • Classic twin-stick shoot-’em-up excitement with a high-definition finish, spectacular neon visuals and a pounding techno soundtrack
  • Blast your way through millions of enemies, then take on massive bosses in the quest to destroy the Nanostray virus
  • Play alone or co-operatively with a friend, using both the TV and the Wii U GamePad screen to share the action
  • Switch to the Wii U GamePad screen in single-player and continue the fight, even when the main TV is in use