Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Try to find out why the Toads are losing their color and save Color Island in Paper Mario: Color Splash, a hilarious action-packed adventure exclusively for Wii U!


The most colorful adventure ever!

After a colorless Toad has been delivered by princess Peach, Mario leaves for Colors Island: a paper paradise that quickly loses its color and must be protected from ruin. With your new companion show and a handy paint hammer, you can color the world again and grab the mysterious perpetrator at its lures.


Cut and paste

Everywhere – from sun-drenched beaches to red-hot volcanoes – you have to search for paint stars to discover new routes and areas on Color Island. Everything in this world consists of paper, so the possibilities are endless! If an obstacle obstructs you, you can cut it out. That is just one of the many tricks with which you can solve paper puzzles.


Battle with cards

If there are bad guys in the area, you can make short work of them in turn-based battles in which good timing is just as important as strategic insight.

Choose battle cards and make them stronger with paint on the Wii U GamePad touch screen. Once your card is ready, you can use it on the TV to give your opponents a swipe! There are all kinds of battle cards. Some cards allow you to fight enemies on your side, while others allow you to conjure up fire extinguishers and blowers with extraordinary powers.

Spot Color Island and solve the mystery of the colorless Toads in Paper Mario: Color Splash, exclusively for the Wii U.


Hey!!! Why is Mario getting all the credit? If you ask me, the Rescue V are the real heroes of this adventure …