Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants

Once banished to Earth, the biggest heroes of the Skylands – the Giants – are back and ready to save the day! Watch as real-world action figures come to life before your very eyes when Skylanders Giants come to Wii U.

Simply plug a special platform called the Portal of Power into your Wii U console, start the game and place one of the Skylanders figures on the portal – then watch as it appears as a playable character in the game!

Assuming the role of a heroic Portal Master, it’s your job to lead your Skylanders across the Skylands in an effort to stop the evil KAOS from wreaking havoc. Deciding which Skylander you use any given time, however, is a key component of the gameplay and being able to change characters at any moment simply by swapping figures on the portal is all part of the fun.

Split into eight different elemental groups – Magic, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life, Undead and Tech – each Skylander comes with their own unique skills. As you explore each area, you’ll notice places where a specific element is referenced; maybe there’s an obstacle blocking the way or a particular element has an advantage in combat. Simply place a Skylander from the same elemental group on the portal and voila! Instant success!

Skylanders Giants introduces a range of new Skylanders figures to collect (sold separately), 16 of which are completely new characters to the series. There are also eight special Lightcore figures that not only bring extra benefits to the game, but also light up in real-life when placed on the portal – without the need for batteries!

All Skylanders figures also have the ability to remember what they’ve done; from the special moves you teach them to the experience they earn, everything done in the game is stored on the figure itself. That means if you take your figures to a friend’s house, they’ll still be exactly the same as they were in your game and even know exactly who they belong to! And since co-operative gameplay is the order of the day in Skylanders Giants, you’ll definitely want your friends to come and join in the fun.

With new Hero Challenges designed to test even the most dedicated Skylanders player, new arenas and head-to-head gameplay options for Battle Mode, plus a totally new adventure to play alone or with a friend, Skylanders Giants is a whole new experience on Wii U. When it comes to Giants, bigger is definitely better!

The Skylanders Giants Starter Pack includes a copy of the game, the Portal of Power, three Skylanders figures and much more! Players who already own the previous Skylanders game will be pleased to know that both the original Portal of Power and all Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure figures are compatible with Skylanders Giants. Just pick up the Skylanders Giants Booster Pack instead to begin this new super-sized adventure!

  • Place any Skylanders Giants figure on the Portal of Power and watch as they come to life in the game as a playable character!
  • Collect a range of brand new characters and use their unique powers to overcome obstacles and challenges as you play alone or co-operatively with friends
  • Skylanders Giants figures store experience, special move and progress data and recall it when you place them on another Portal of Power, even if it’s in someone else’s game!
  • Compatible with all Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures figures – increase your original heroes to level 15 by playing Skylanders Giants with them!