Sonic Lost World

Sonic Lost World

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Dr. Eggman is at it again! The dastardly doctor has outdone himself this time, harnessing the power of menacing creatures known as the Deadly Six. But when they rise up against their master, Sonic and Dr. Eggman must put their rivalry to one side and work together in Sonic Lost World on Wii U.

Armed with a wide array of moves and abilities, Sonic races onto Wii U in an action-adventure platforming game. Run, leap and race through spectacular ever-changing terrains using Sonic’s dynamic new parkour moves and improved Colour Powers, first seen in Sonic Colours.

Control Wii U-exclusive Colour Powers with the Wii U GamePad by tilting, aiming, touching and more. Play the full game on just the GamePad with Off-TV Play, or get some help from a buddy in the two-player support mode. Send items to Miiverse to boost their power, and share them with other players all over the world.

You can also face off against your friends in a range of competitive multiplayer modes and levels in the ultimate supersonic speed showdown. With the Wii U GamePad there’s no need for split-screen: one player races on the GamePad screen while the other uses the TV. Or work together in co-operative play, where a second player can pilot radio-controlled gadgets to take out enemies and obstacles clearing the way for Sonic to speed through!

Available for pre-order and while stocks last, the Deadly Six Edition contains an exclusive level in which Sonic’s sucked into a world of nightmares! Take on the Deadly Six who ride on gigantic Nightmaren monsters, and defeat them all to unlock a special Colour Power that’s normally only accessible through Miiverse.

  • Sonic and Dr. Eggman must unite to defeat the Deadly Six!
  • Make use of new Colour Powers and parkour moves across ever-changing terrains
  • Play on the GamePad screen with Off-TV Play, and use Colour Powers exclusive to Wii U
  • Take on your friends in competitive multiplayer modes
  • Get extra content with the Deadly Six Edition, available to pre-order and while stocks last!