Twisted Fusion

Twisted Fusion

Three friends are transported to a strange world unlike our own. Surrounded by strange creatures and even stranger locals, Cora and her friends have only their wits and a brace of water guns to rely upon!

Luckily for our plucky trio of outlanders, the water found in this curious new land possesses mysterious qualities, transforming their ordinary water guns into powerful weapons.

Set off on an epic adventure with up to four friends*. Explore the breathtaking sky islands of Evan and aid their inhabitants by completing challenging quests and defeating the hordes of monsters that plague the land. Discover the secrets of Evan’s towers and defeat the dangerous creatures that guard them. Twisted Fusion offers an open-world experience, allowing players to choose their own path as they try to find a way back to our world.

Use the Wii U GamePad to access a host of apps on Cora’s smartphone. Track the time and weather, check your quest progress, fast travel and unlock new characters, costumes, abilities and gadgets. Players can even collect and train their own team of monsters.

Stranded in a strange land, our heroes seek only a way home. Can they overcome the dark forces that seek to hinder their mission?