Dataminer hints towards future updates Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Dataminer hints towards future updates Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order will be receiving a good amount of post-launch support.

However, if this datamine is to be believed, Nintendo and Team Ninja may have far bigger plans in store for the game.

More villians coming?

A dataminer going by walruslui has made an interesting discovery by going through the game’s sound files. Apparently, almost every Major NPC in the game (including Boss villains like Mysterio) have a full set of voice clips with recorded lines that would normally be reserved strictly for playable characters.

This includes “post-clear quips, yes, no, thank you emotes, approaching enemy quips, “im down” voice lines, taunts, “good work” quips” and so on.

According to walruslui, none of these “player character” sound files are used by NPCs in the story, and are found in a dedicated section reserved solely for battle chatter. So far, walruslui has found only four NPCs that do not have “player character” sound files, the four being Black Bolt, Medusa, Valkyrie and Cosmo.

It is believed that Team Ninja likely recorded all these “player character” sound files to be used whenever they decide to make an NPC character playable. This means that playable status may not just be reserved for fan-favorites like Vision and Ant-Man, but may also come to less popular heroes like Nova or Jessica Jones, and even villains like Mysterio or M.O.D.O.K.

Of course, whether or not these plans to add even more playable characters to the roster bear fruit remains to be seen. It will likely depend on how well Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 performs in terms of sales, as well as whether there is still interest even after the Expansion Pass is done.