Konami announces Solomon Program might be coming

Konami announces Solomon Program might be coming

In the latest issue of Monthly Corocoro, a new monster collecting title called Solomon Program was announced by Konami.

Solomon Program

Solomon Program is a game where players collect and battle monsters with programs, not unlike Digimon and Pokemon. Screenshots of the game in action were also featured in the magazine, which include A and B buttons, strongly suggesting that the game is heading for the Nintendo Switch.

Although the publisher where not explicitly stated, Konami currently holds the trademark on the name Solomon Program as of December 2019, which means they most likely are one of the key parties involved in the development of the title.

In addition, a demo code for the game seems to be included in the January 17th issue of MiraCoro Comic Ver. 2. Suggesting that it will also receive a comic series.

More currently is not know about the title … but finally something at least related to Konami. It seem like ages we got anything from them.