New Nintendo Switch Model in second half 2019

New Nintendo Switch Model in second half 2019

Suppliers and others with direct knowledge of the plan seem to have told the Wall Street Journal that Nintendo will be releasing a brand new Nintendo Switch model.

This new model will be releasing in the second half of 2019, possibly “as early as summer”.

Ok on to the specifics

All we know is that the “machine specs are not finalized yet”, and Nintendo is still figuring out what they want to change, but “one option is improvement on display”. For example, that would include “improving battery life”.

According to the site’s sources, third-party developers “hope the new Switch would give a clear hint on what would happen on the 3DS line”. Nintendo did not make any comments about the matter.

Well it was bound to happen somewhere down the road and you can be sure that the recent hack / leaks etc have perhaps put this process into a faster pace. What features would we want? I can name a few the current Nintendo Switch is lacking … but they are not even bound to hardware; backup saves locally, folders, decent bluetooth audio to name a few.

Would we like an OLED screen? Sure. Would we like 4K? Meh not really (personal opinion). Would we like more internal storage? Sure.

What would you want to see when it comes to this new Nintendo Switch?