[FAKE] New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters leaked?

[FAKE] New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters leaked?

The internet seems to be divided about a potential leak for Super Smash Bros Ultimate . A number of new characters appear to have found their way online through a new banner.

Yeah it’s a bit blurry but what would you expect with a rumor now… the potential new characters have been listed below.

Possible new Smash characters

The new characters that could be included in the game which is due this December on the Nintendo Switch system.

  • Shadow, very likely , the echo fighter for Sonic
  • Banjo-Kazooie, very maybe, Nintendo and Microsoft’s relationship is getting better and then there is the fan appeal / demand … but still it’s a big if.
  • Isaac – ?
  • Ken – very likely, the echo fighter for Ryu and already spotted before.
  • Mach Rider – from NES fame? … ehh how would this even work
  • Geno – from Super Mario RPG, fan demand is there for Geno thats for sure
  • Chorus Kids – from Rhythm Heaven … once again how?

We have outlined which we consider realistic and which not but be sure to let us know in the comments what you think is going to happen!