Pokemon 2019 to feature a redesigned capture system

Pokemon 2019 to feature a redesigned capture system

We have recently seen a new but interesting rumor about the new Pokemon 2019 when it comes to a core game mechanic.

This rumor, because we don’t think they will overhaul it again, comes from JeuxVideo, the largest video game website in France with over 1 million followers on Twitter.

What Jeuxvideo expects

In the above short tweet, JeuxVideo shared the things they ‘know’ of about the upcoming games.

One of the things they claim was the new games would feature a “redesigned capture system” and the “best graphics ever seen” in a Pokemon game. They added it’s a 100% new type of role playing game that’s scheduled to launch in late 2019.

I’ll give them the best looking Pokemon ever … because well that is what we are all expecting it to be.

But no further details were revealed, so how the “redesigned capture system” is going to function like is totally up to speculation. And seeing as Pokemon did a whole change when it came to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee. We simply do not see them changing it up yet again. 

The only thing we can imagine is there will be somewhat of a battle before the capture sequence … but that’s nothing really redesigned.