Shinya Takahashi teasing Wave Race?

Shinya Takahashi teasing Wave Race?

Wave Race is a title which hasn’t been revisited by Nintendo for quite some time, it’s last iteration being Wave Race Blue Storm for the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2001.

Wikia managed to speak to Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi and asked whether there is a chance that the water sports series could eventually come back in some form on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what Mr. Takahashi had to say on the matter.

Takashi about Wave Race

You may see that game again. We have been trying to make many games and that may be one of them … I personally love Wave Race!

With such a quote things are not set in stone. But would we the fans love to see Wave Race make a comeback on the Nintendo Switch? For us personally if it was more in line with Wave Race 64 sure, we where not the biggest of Blue Storm fans ourselves.