Mobile Dragalia Lost received its own Nintendo Direct

Mobile Dragalia Lost received its own Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has held a special Nintendo Direct for Dragalia Lost!


Dragalia Lost

The Nintendo Direct did not reveal any shocking issues and is purely intended to give you an impression of the game. Dragalia Lost is a colorful looking role play, in which you go on a grand trip with a group of magicians, warriors and dragons.

Your goal is to rid the kingdom of Alberia of all evil in various bite-sized missions – a quest that can also be played in co-op with up to three other players!

Dragalia Lost marks the first time that Nintendo launches a completely new IP on mobile platforms. According to the company, the game is designed specifically for this platform, but it does know the depth that you normally find in console games.

Doug Bowser about Dragalia Lost

Our mobile strategy is expanding with the launch of Dragalia Lost. Fans are looking for various experiences on smartphones and this lively role play complements our other mobile games perfectly, to offer something entirely new at the same time.

The game is free-to-start. With in-game currency Diamantium or Wyrmite it is possible to call up new characters, dragons or special accessories. You get diamonds by paying money, while you earn Wyrmite by completing quests. In total there are more than sixty characters to add to your party, each with their own weapon class and elements.

It is not yet known when Dragalia Lost comes our way. From September 27, it is available in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau for iOS and Android.