Pokemon Rumble Rush – Available Worldwide (for Android)

Pokemon Rumble Rush – Available Worldwide (for Android)

Following its soft launch in Australia recently, Pokemon Rumble Rush is now available globally for Android devices. Android users living in the US and Europe, as well as other territories who have been unable to download the game from the Google Play store should be able to do so now.

IOS version

Unfortunately, there has been no word on when Rumble Rush will be launching on IOS, although it will likely be happening pretty soon.

The global launch of Pokemon Rumble Rush comes alongside the Version 1.0.3. update, which patches out a few of the game’s bugs. That said, it also seems to have introduced a new error which results in players being unable to remove or open ore from the refinery screen.

For the time being, the issue can be resolved by deleting the ore in the game’s waiting area.

Have you played the new mobile Pokemon experience already? And how did you like it?