Universal Studios Hollywood – Super Nintendo World Store

Universal Studios Hollywood – Super Nintendo World Store

The first Super Nintendo World shop has opened at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Although the main theme park component of Super Nintendo World will not open until 2023, visitors may already buy different Nintendo merchandise at the Super Nintendo World Feature Presentation shop located in the park’s top section. Mario and Luigi plushies, as well as Super Nintendo World unique shirts and caps, are among the highlighted items.

Theme Park Shark provided a video to get a feel for the newly opened shop;


About Super Nintendo World

The creative, immersive, and highly anticipated themed area SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will premiere at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023, making it the first SUPER NINTENDO WORLD to open in the United States.

In 2021, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD debuted at Universal Studios Japan to tremendous consumer and critical accolades. The U.S. launch of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Universal Studios Hollywood will take theme park visitors and Nintendo enthusiasts into the worlds of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, allowing them to get immersed in their captivating realm.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD was created in collaboration with Nintendo and the visionaries at Universal Creative in order to deliver exhilarating entertainment with innovative technological achievements inspired by characters and video games that have captivated generations of Nintendo fans for over 40 years.

The immersive region will be a visual display of vivid colors and architectural inventiveness, set inside a newly enlarged portion of the theme park, and will include a breakthrough ride and interactive places for the whole family to enjoy. Themed shopping and eating will add to the whole experience.

As the countdown to the thrilling launch of the land starts, Universal Studios Hollywood will showcase a makeover of its iconic Feature Presentation retail shop with SUPER NINTENDO WORLD theming, which will open shortly. Located immediately inside the theme park’s main gate, customers will be able to express their enthusiasm for the land’s debut in 2023 by purchasing products such as Mario and Luigi related attire and famous character caps. A range of plush characters, including Yoshi, Mario, Bowser, and Luigi in a variety of sizes, will also be available for purchase.