Fae Farm Version 2.2.0 Update: Patch Notes

Fae Farm Version 2.2.0 Update: Patch Notes


The eagerly awaited Fae Farm Version 2.2.0 update brings a plethora of new features, enhancements, and fixes to the enchanting world of Fae Farm. From the ability to customize your home decor with the new Stuff on Stuff feature to the option for longer days, players will find their gameplay experience enriched. Additionally, new cosmetics, gameplay improvements, and character interactions await, ensuring an even more immersive farming adventure. Dive into the full patch notes below to discover all the exciting changes coming your way.

New Feature: Stuff on Stuff

A new feature has been added to the game that allows players to, well, put Stuff on other Stuff – time to clutter up your homes! Specifically, you can now place any inventory item (i.e. things you can sell at the market, not other decor) on the following constructible decor:

– Barrel

– Carved Large Table

– Crate

– Desk

– Display Stand

– Fae Cart

– Fae Table

– Fae Wood Container

– Floor Pillow

– Round Table

– Sideboard

– Small Bookshelf

– Stack of Books

– Stately Wooden Desk

Additionally, 29 new small items found around our world have been turned into inventory items so they can be used with the Stuff on Stuff system (with no gameplay effects). These are all available to craft at the Decoration Table:

Baguette, Big Bowl, Candelabra, Candles, Charcuterie Board, Cheese Wheel, Decorative Rose, Empty Plate, Envelope, Exquisite Cake, Fresh Pie, Fruit Bowl, Glass Vase, Globe, Magnifying Glass, Mortar and Pestle, Open Book, Pan, Pasta Maker, Potion Bottle, Rounded Vase, Stew Pot, Tall Bottle, Tea Mug, Wash Bowl, Watering Can, Wine Glass, Wooden Stein, Wrapped Gift


New Option: Longer Days

A new “Double-Day Length” option has been added to the Gameplay tab of the Settings screen, based on player feedback. When active, the World Clock will move forward at half the normal speed, and a snail icon will appear in the clock section of the UI for reference. In multiplayer, this option affects all players in a world and is only controllable by the host.

New Free Cosmetics

A number of new cosmetic items have been added to the game for all players. These include [REDACTED UNTIL LAUNCH]. Additionally, new customization options have been unlocked immediately for all players in the Character Creator, allowing for further personalization.

Gameplay Enhancements

– Players can now have Job Quests from more than one NPC in progress at a time (still one per NPC).

– Achievement Quests (the last in an NPC’s Job Quest line) now show in the Quest Log and are pinnable for convenience.

– Cleo’s adventuring schedule has been adjusted for improved accessibility to players.

– Automatic re-equipping of the previously equipped tool when entering and leaving water.

– Various bug fixes, including issues with flower color genes, save loading errors, and UI glitches.

Character & Relationship Improvements

– Expanded post-marriage dialogues and interactions with spouse NPCs.

– Fixes for various dialogue bugs and relationship progression issues.

World & Items Fixes

– Various fixes to environmental elements, visual artifacts, and graphical glitches.

– Adjustments to tree visuals in the Fae Realm during winter.

– Graphical enhancements and fixes for various items and creatures.

Interface Enhancements

– Display improvements for item descriptions and symbols.

– Fixes for UI bugs related to construction mode and mailbox interaction.


– Further optimizations and protections against data corruption.

– Enhancements to the profanity filter and localization.

– Correction of typos and text errors in multiple languages.


In conclusion, the Fae Farm Version 2.2.0 update brings a wealth of exciting additions and improvements to enhance players’ experiences within the enchanting world of Fae Farm. The introduction of the “Stuff on Stuff” feature allows for greater customization of home decor, while the option for longer days caters to player preferences for pacing. Moreover, the inclusion of new free cosmetics and expanded customization options adds further depth to character personalization. Gameplay enhancements such as the ability to undertake multiple Job Quests simultaneously and adjustments to Cleo’s schedule streamline the gaming experience. Additionally, various bug fixes, character relationship improvements, world and item fixes, interface enhancements, and miscellaneous optimizations contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay environment overall. With these updates, players can look forward to immersing themselves even further into the captivating world of Fae Farm.

  • Q: When will the Fae Farm Version 2.2.0 update be available for Nintendo Switch?
    • A: The update will go live for Switch on March 21.
  • Q: What is the Stuff on Stuff feature and how does it work?
    • A: The Stuff on Stuff feature allows players to place inventory items onto specific constructible decor items within their homes. This enables players to customize their living spaces further.
  • Q: How does the Double-Day Length option affect gameplay?
    • A: When activated, the Double-Day Length option slows down the passage of in-game time by half. This allows players to experience longer days within the game world.
  • Q: Are there any new customization options available for players in the Character Creator?
    • A: Yes, new customization options have been added and are unlocked immediately for all players.
  • Q: What improvements have been made to character interactions and relationships?
    • A: Post-marriage dialogues and interactions with spouse NPCs have been expanded, along with fixes for various dialogue bugs and relationship progression issues.