FIFA 19 footage

FIFA 19 footage

New footage from Gamescom shows the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 19.


About FIFA 19

EA brings the series for the second time with FIFA 19 to the Nintendo Switch. The newest part will also contain the Champions League. The Nintendo Switch version will be further improved in graphical terms. However, this version will also run on a custom engine instead of the Frostbite engine used for other versions of the game.

EA SPORTS, FIFA 19 offers an experience for real champions, both inside and outside the lines.

The prestigious UEFA Champions League offers an authentic football atmosphere, improved gameplay with an even stronger identity and new, unparalleled ways to play. Time for real champions in FIFA 19.

Experience top-level club football in various game modes in FIFA 19 with official matches and extensive tournaments, including the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup.

The UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup come to life in EA SPORTS FIFA 19. From live updates in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and an authentic career stand to the new, separate UEFA Champions League stand, you can experience top-level club football anywhere with FIFA 19.