Go Vacation compared

Go Vacation compared

On October 11, 2011 this game appeared on the Nintendo Wii. Now, roughly seven years later, the game also comes to the Nintendo Switch. View a comparison between the two versions below.


About Go Vacation

In Go Vacation you go, how could it be otherwise, to celebrate your holiday. There are several places where you can travel.

There is a (sub) water area. There you can surf, dive, water ski, fish and so on. Do you like frozen water more, then you are lucky! There is also a snow paradise on the holiday island. You can participate in various sports in the snow.

For the more adventurous adventurers there is also a mountain area where you can climb, raft, paraglide or participate in one of the other extreme sports. Finally, there is also the city, the activities that you can do there are very different. Join a street race or play a game of miniature golf. Come up with it and you can do it on the island!

All these areas and activities were already in the game seven years ago but have received a significant graphical update.

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