Kirby And The Forgotten Land – Accolades Trailer

Kirby And The Forgotten Land – Accolades Trailer

Do you want to know how reviewers feel about the newly released Kirby and the Forgotten Land? Take a closer look! Nintendo produced a new accolades video for the 3D adventure game, including review scores and quotes from numerous media sites.


About Kirby And The Forgotten Land

In the next Kirby game, you’ll go into a mysterious new planet where civilization and nature have merged. Use Kirby’s well-known actions – inhale, spit out, leap, and copy – to freely move about as you explore 3D levels.

Attempt to rescue the Waddle Dees.

You’ll begin on your quest with a critical mission: to rescue the Waddle Dees who have been kidnapped by unknown opponents known as the Beast Pack. In order to achieve the objective and rescue the captive Waddle Dees, you’ll need to combat members of the Beast Pack and overcome problems in each level.

Experiment with the new Drill and Ranger Copy Abilities.

In addition to enjoying your favorite Copy Skills from the series in spectacular 3D, you’ll get access to new abilities. Drill allows you to delve underground, whilst Ranger allows you to discharge shooting stars!

Play as Kirby and Bandana Waddle in 2-player co-op. Dee

You may explore the new world as a group by sharing a Joy-Con!