Minecraft – Ice Age collaboration DLC

Minecraft – Ice Age collaboration DLC

Minecraft announced another another collaboration, this time with the Ice Age films from 20th Century Fox. Players on the Nintendo Switch may start playing right now.

The DLC includes 30 additional skins such as Sid, Manny, Diego, Ellie, and many more. There’s also a new Overworld to discover, complete with saber-toothed tigers, ancient pigs, vultures, and a terrible shadow hiding under the ice-blue seas.


Ice Age DLC, available for a short while for free

The big appeal here is that the map recreates several legendary movie locales, including the new Adventures of Buck Wild. A skeleton bridge, lava falls, an ice cavern, and a giant tree await players. But it’s not only about adventure; they’ve been assigned an acorn collection assignment. The acorns are said to hold a secret, but players will have to locate them all to discover more about the mystery.

The Ice Age DLC is now available to all Minecraft Switch players. It will be available for free until July 31, 2022, so take advantage of it while you can.

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