Minecraft Legends coming spring 2023

Minecraft Legends coming spring 2023

Next spring will see the global release of Minecraft Legends, an action strategy game with a Minecraft theme.

The information was shared on Twitter by the game’s official account. This summer saw the announcement of Minecraft Legends, which chronicles the tale of the Overworld banding together to repel an invasion by ravaging piglins. The game requires the user to assemble the Overworld’s mobs and assist them in fending off the threat.

It has been announced that the game would be released on a variety of systems, including the Nintendo Switch.


About Minecraft Legends 

Investigate the Mysteries

In this brand-new action strategy game, you may experience the Minecraft Universe in a thrilling new manner while learning the narrative of Minecraft Legends and exploring its brand-new but familar universe.

Changing World

Discover a stunning, yet familiar and fascinating environment that is teeming with varied wildlife, lush biomes, and abundant resources that you can use to fortify your walls and repel the piglin invasion.

Epic Conflicts

Motivate unforeseen allies to form and then lead them in tactical fights to defend their home. Before their Nether taint devours the Overworld, engage the piglins in combat!


As you defend your town and guide your allies to victory against your enemies, engage in thrilling battles with your friends or join forces with them.