Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion – 5 Million in sales

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion – 5 Million in sales

In the wake of Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion’s release, Capcom has provided some fresh information on the game’s sales.

Since its release one week ago, the Sunbreak expansion has racked up more over 2 million copies in total sales across both physical and digital channels on Switch and PC, as was reported in a press statement and on Twitter. In addition, it would seem that the launch of the expansion has also been instrumental in the game as a whole reaching the milestone of 10 million units sold.

As a token of appreciation for reaching this milestone, Capcom has decided to give out two free item packs with the game on July 7; however, it is presently unknown what the contents of these item packs will be.

About Monster Hunter Rise

Are you prepared to take the next step?

This gigantic update, which includes new monsters, new locations, and a variety of other content additions, makes the world of Monster Hunter Rise far larger and more detailed.

Following the events of Monster Hunter Rise, it is imperative that you set ship in order to investigate the origin of a grave danger that has befallen a kingdom located across the ocean. As the hunter who rescued Kamura from certain doom, you are now obligated to make your way to the remote regions of Elgado, an outpost close to a kingdom that is under attack by a nefarious new adversary – the elderly dragon Malzeno.


  • Enhanced Hunting Action: Each hunt now has considerably more intrigue thanks to the addition of new powers and endemic life.
  • You’ll face off against all new, more difficult creatures in this update.
  • Weapons: With these 14 different kinds of weapons, you may take your hunting to a whole new level!
  • Follower Collab Quests allow you to go on an adventure with a number of other playable characters.
  • New Hunting Grounds – It’s time to explore some brand-new hunting grounds!
  • Elgado, the new base of operations, is a great place to make new friends and allies.