Pokémon Let’s Go is Pokémon Yellow?

Pokémon Let’s Go is Pokémon Yellow?

Last week two new trailers of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee appeared. GameXplain put these trailers next to the original and compared both games.

The trailers that we saw last week gave us a lot of new information. We got to see different Pokémon where the player could ride. We also saw the Misty gym for the first time.

GameXplain compares

All areas that we have seen in the trailer can of course also be found in Pokémon Yellow.
After the trailers appeared GameXplain immediately started to look up all the locations in Pokémon Yellow.

Subsequently, images from both locations were placed next to each other. This way you can see which graphic upgrade the game has had. All locations are now fully animated in 3D. There is also a lot of work with light incidence and shadows.

In addition to this visual upgrade, it is striking that the game still has a lot of similarities. If you have played Pokémon Yellow a lot before, you will immediately recognize certain areas.

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What do you think, is Pokémon Let’s Go an enhanced version of Pokémon Yellow?