Sonic Frontiers – Free DLC promotions all the way into 2023

Sonic Frontiers – Free DLC promotions all the way into 2023

SEGA stated, through the German public relations agency PLAION, that they will continue to provide free downloadable content in Sonic Frontiers until 2023.

The Monster Hunter-themed Sonic Frontiers cosmetic material is the game’s most recent free DLC, and it can be downloaded from the different console digital shops. We also had Sonic Adventure 2-themed footwear available via a promotional email sign-up form. According to the press release, Sonic Frontiers will get additional free downloadable content upgrades in the future.

About Sonic Frontiers

Sonic the Hedgehog’s next high-speed adventure sees worlds collide! Accelerate to unprecedented heights, face swarms of deadly adversaries, and enjoy the excitement of high-velocity, open-zone acrobatic action and platforming freedom throughout five gigantic Starfall Islands. Welcome to the Sonic game evolution!

  • Experience All-New Open Zone Platforming- Race over five vast overworld islands, each with its own unique action-platforming challenges and hidden mysteries to discover. High-Speed Freedom – Create your own path and explore side missions, solve puzzles, climb massive buildings, go fishing, and meet a friendly person or two along the way.
  • Unlock Cyber Space levels with trademark 3D platforming at Sonic speeds and a range of obstacles to put your abilities to the test like never before.
  • Cyber-Powered Combat – Use the all-new fighting system and skill tree upgrades to take out mystery adversaries by mixing techniques like dodges, parries, counters, and the new Cyloop ability.
  • A New Mystery and Intrigue-Filled Adventure – Become Sonic and set out to solve the secrets of an ancient civilisation besieged by robotic hordes.