Tournament Update Rocket League almost upon us

Tournament Update Rocket League almost upon us

Previously, Psyonix announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League will receive a graphical update, but it does not stop there.

The graphical update consists of improving resolution and graphic effects. Here the player has the choice to play the game in Performance and in Quality mode. The first mode has a resolution of 900p / 720p (docked / handheld) and has 60fps.

Not without compromises

This is a big step forward compared to the current version (720p / 576p). For those who prefer to have graphical effects, they will be able to find their salvation in the last mode. This could include light effects and more details. This is accompanied by a higher resolution in docked mode, namely 1080p.

A price tag is attached to all the beauty and that also applies to this mode. By using more graphic effects, this mode has less fps, namely 30fps.

What will it be for you? Quality or performance?

Video Capture

In addition to a graphical upgrade, the update will be accompanied by the Tournament addition and the now familiar Video Capture option, allowing you to record and share that one goal and rescue on social media to showcase your skills!


Are you looking forward to video recording in Rocket League?