Ultra Pro Wrestling is coming

Ultra Pro Wrestling is coming

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Hyperfocus Games has plans to port Ultra Pro Wrestling to the Nintendo Switch. The most recent crowdfunding effort conducted by the group set out to raise 17,000 pounds, but it has already surpassed that target.


About Ultra Pro Wrestling

This one could be just up your alley if you came of age during the golden age of wrestling games on the N64. It has been suggested that games like as WWF No Mercy, WCW vs. NWO Vengeance, and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 served as sources of inspiration.

Fans may anticipate a straightforward control scheme for the gameplay, since it will not need them to learn complex sequences of moves in order to progress. Yet, the team’s goal is to create an environment “that recognizes and appreciates excellent performance.” ” It will be the players’ responsibility to carry out each and every step.

While you are pinned or in a submission, you have to keep pressing the kickout button(s), which depicts a wrestler’s true fight to wake up or escape – as opposed to timing-based minigames. When you are not pinned or in a submission, you may move freely.

In Ultra Pro Wrestling, there will be a comprehensive move list that will include grapples, strikes, and aerial assaults derived from a wide variety of fighting styles. Since there are many different kinds of rings, matches, weapons, and regulations… It is impossible for any two shows to have the same atmosphere.

Ultra Pro Wrestling will most likely have a variety of different features. These include a “massive” single-player career mode that spans multiple decades, an online mode in which wins and losses will determine rankings, a “Global Internet Wrestling Championship” that can only be held by one person at a time and requires it to be defended at least once per week, and a wrestler customization system that allows every wrestler to be fully customizable. In addition, there is a wrestler customization system that allows every wrestler to be fully customizable.

More details; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hyperfocusgames/ultra-pro-wrestling-video-game