Emily Rogers: PlatinumGames has more wonderful things then Bayonetta 3

Emily Rogers: PlatinumGames has more wonderful things then Bayonetta 3

Industry insider Emily Rogers has updated her blog with an informative post on what to expect from Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Rogers reminded readers in her latest blog post to keep an eye on what PlatinumGames is doing in 2019. She further elaborated that Bayonetta 3 isn’t the only Nintendo Switch project the studio is working on.

Wonderful port or sequel?

If you read in between the lines, PlatinumGames is expected to announce or even launch a new Switch title this year, but whether it’s The Wonderful 101 port or something else is up in the air.


About The Wonderful 101

Not everyone might be familiar with The Wonderful 101 so let’s enlighten; 

In this action game, take control of Wonder-Red and recruit scores of seasoned heroes into your team – leading them into battle as hero number 101! You can even transform desperate citizens into mighty heroes to bolster your numbers. Overwhelm the invading aliens known as the GEATHJERK with strength in numbers – the more heroes you enlist, the more powerful your attacks become.

Strike the extra-terrestrial invaders with quick hits, then activate your Unite Morph powers by tracing a shape on the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen, or tilting the right stick. Unite your heroic followers into powerful formations, including a sword and a gun to smash invaders, and defend against attacks by transforming into a jelly. Morph into a giant fist, bridge, ladder or glider to solve puzzles and traverse the action-packed environments.

Enlist unlikely heroes like Wonder-Bonsai, Wonder-Vender and Wonder-Toilet, and use their abilities to defeat the oncoming alien invasion. Recruit more heroes to your team and draw large shapes to unleash ever more powerful Unite Morphs! Pick up special items called O-Parts and use them to buy and learn new skills and new Unite Morphs.