Nintendo Switch Online app iOS (1.1.3)

Nintendo Switch Online app iOS (1.1.3)

Nintendo has recently released a new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch. The latest version is 4.1.0 at the time, in which is not much added outside on stability improvements.

Surprisingly, Nintendo has released an update for the not very popular Nintendo Switch Online app. This update is currently only available on the iOS version of the app.

However, this update does not add much exciting, and is purely to fix some bugs. The latest version is 1.1.3 at the moment.

Nintendo Switch Online update is available for download from the Apple App Store.

Online problem child

Let’s face it, Nintendo is doing tremendously well this year. But the online aspect is nevertheless still somewhat of a problem child. Because in less than three weeks, it is 2018 and that year … somewhere … we have to pay for online services for Nintendo Switch. The paying in itself is not even an issue, it is that we still have no idea of ​​the service that Nintendo Switch Online will entail, beyond the price.

If Nintendo wants to continue to maintain the good sales in terms of both hardware and software and in some cases even dominating then dropping the ball when it comes to online a total no-no. 

Again let’s hope for the best … but the track-record Nintendo has online is still sketchy at best.