Minecraft Festival uitgesteld

Minecraft Festival uitgesteld

De organisatoren achter het Minecraft Festival van dit jaar hebben het evenement uitgesteld vanwege het grote aantal middelen dat nodig is om het evenement te organiseren.

Van de positieve kant zullen fans nog steeds kunnen afstemmen op de online uitzending ‘Minecraft Live’ – die in wezen alle nieuwe en belangrijke aankondigingen zal behandelen. We zullen rapporteren zodra we horen op welke dag Minecraft Live zal worden gestreamd.

Officiële verklaring

You were excited. We were excited. Overall excitement was palpable as Minecraft Festival tickets were going to be released on Friday of this week, officially kickstarting the countdown to our in-person blockstravaganza this September. But after careful consideration and much hand-wringing, we have decided to postpone the event until next year.

In recent weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has led many organizers to cancel or postpone gatherings and events across the world, as a preventive measure to ensure the health and safety of their guests. The situation around Minecraft Festival, however, is a little different. September is still many months away, and we are not making any predictions about how long it will take to put the outbreak behind us.

This decision is rather a result of the extensive preparations required to organize a mammoth event like this.
Our partners, producers, and exhibitors are based in all corners of the world, and right now we can’t meet and collaborate in the way we need to. Without knowing exactly when we can resume planning, we have decided to postpone. That way, we can make sure that next year’s event will be the amazing one that our community expects and deserves.

Granted, this is all quite disheartening. But we do have some good news as well! Minecraft Live will happen, as planned. It’ll be the place for all the latest Minecraft news, announcements and behind the scenes exclusives, and it will be live-beamed straight to your screen, wherever you are. Thanks, Internet! Stay tuned for a date, a time, and myriad announcements.

Helaas lijkt dit steeds meer te gebeuren met events. Laten we hopen dat het spoedig verandert.