SEGA over de oorsprong van Sonic

SEGA over de oorsprong van Sonic

Een van ‘s werelds meest herkenbare platform-mascottes is natuurlijk niemand minder dan Sonic the Hedgehog. Voormalig SEGA-gameplay ontwerper Hirokazu Yasuhara en kunstenaar Naoto Ohshima onthulden de oorsprong van de beroemde blauwe egel op de GDC 2018 van deze week

I planned a trip to New York while this discussion was going on internally,” Ohshima said. “And so, the company [was] talking and they said ‘You know what, we definitely want to see something like an old guy with a mustache. We also want to see something that’s spiky like a porcupine, and then we also want to see a dog.’ So I drew these on a board and I went to the middle of Central Park — this is a true story — and I’m showing people these [boards]. I’m taking a survey and the result was that the hedgehog was the most popular over the [others]. …

En blauw omdat?

The reason why Sonic is a blue hedgehog is simply because SEGA’s logo is blue so they thought it would be the perfect colour and it has stuck ever since.

Soms komen voort uit vreemde verzoeken, hele diepe gedachten en soms soms zijn de dingen niet zo diep als we denken dat ze zijn.