Nintendo Switch Sports – versie 1.2.0 patch notes

Nintendo Switch Sports – versie 1.2.0 patch notes

De 1.2.0-update voor Nintendo Switch Sports is net uit. Het voegt een aantal nieuwe dingen toe, zoals de mogelijkheid om de beenriem te gebruiken bij voetbal en nieuwe moves voor volleybal. Het lijkt er ook op dat de manier waarop de kegels vallen is veranderd.


1.2.0 update patch notes

  • Soccer
    • One-on-one and four-on-four games The leg strap can now be used to play soccer.
    • To play globally, choose Soccer from the list of sports and press the X button.
    • Play Locally: Press the + Button on the screen that shows how to hold the Joy-Con controllers.
    • Have fun with your pals: Press the + Button on the screen that shows how to hold the Joy-Con controllers.
    • There is now a new camera mode. To use it, go to the screen where you choose a sport and click Options, User Settings, and then Other (for Two-Hand Mode only).
    • You can now press the X Button during play to reset the camera.
    • Players won’t jump too high when they kick over and over, and it should be easier to jump to the highest point (for Two-Hand Mode only).
  • Volleyball
    • You can now do Slide Attacks, which is a coordinated move in which a player moves across the court and then jumps to spike the ball.
    • After bumping the ball, move the Stick left and right to do a Slide Attack. This move is a great way to surprise your opponent.
    • To stop a Slide Attack, quickly move toward the opponent who is about to spike the ball by using the Stick to get into position.
    • Now you can do Rocket Serves.
    • To do a Rocket Serve, toss the ball high and hit it when it’s at its highest point.
  • Bowling
    • Changed the way the pins land.
    • When you bowl straight, it is now a little harder for the pins to fall.
    • When bowling with a curve, it is now a little bit easier for the pins to fall.
  • Play everywhere
    • The Pro Leagues now have S Rank and Rank (Infinity Rank).
    • Those who were in ranks A30–A39 before the software update will now be in ranks S0–S9.
    • There is now a setting that lets you hide the nicknames and titles of your opponents.
    • This setting is on the screen where you choose the sport. Click Options, then User Settings, then Other.
    • Measures to stop disruptive behavior have been made stronger.
  • Play with your pals.
    • You can now choose to give a room a Room ID when you make it. This will let you play online games against people who aren’t your Friends.
    • Using a Room ID to make a room Host: Check the Room ID (Invite Anyone via ID) box in Make a New Room. Write down the Room ID, and then click OK. Note: Your Room ID will also be displayed on the screen at the Member Reception. Give the Room ID to the people you want to invite to the room, then wait at the Member Reception screen.
    • Invitees: Press the + button in Join Room, then type in the Room ID.
    • Bowling in Play with Friends now has a new way to choose the level of difficulty called “Auto Select.” This option looks at the average skill level of the players to determine how hard the game is overall.
  • Overall
    • During online play, if the connection to a player gets shaky, an icon will now show up.
    • If an opponent’s connection goes bad, you’ll see the same icon on your own screen.
    • When the connection between the Joy-Con controller and the game gets shaky, a message will now show up.
    • Several problems have been fixed to make the game more fun to play.

Everyone who plays Nintendo Switch Sports can now get the new 1.2.0 update.