Studio MDHR: Het is ook een verrassing voor ons – over Cuphead op Switch

Studio MDHR: Het is ook een verrassing voor ons – over Cuphead op Switch

Jared Moldenhauer, mede-oprichter van Studio MDHR en lead game designer, sprak onlangs de USGamer in een nieuw interview.


Moldenhauer sprak over de onlangs aangekondigde Switch-poort van Cuphead. Ten eerste legde Moldenhauer uit hoe het kwam. zeggend dat “het ook voor ons een verrassing is.

It was something to do with Nintendo and Microsoft obviously working things out, finding friendly middle ground and the general sense was that they wanted more people exploring and playing games. So like, the more people who can enjoy an indie game is more important than exclusivity.

I don’t know internally how that worked for them—beats me—but when the opportunity arose for us and was like you can be on Switch, of course we jumped on it. It’s pretty stellar to have the chance.

Moldenhauer sprak ook over de uitdagingen om het naar de console te brengen

You have to reapproach some of the ways you had it set up in a new way, because we didn’t want to bog it down and it would have been insane loading times.

So basically it was just finding a new way to pack all the sprite atlases and how to approach that, but the benefit was, sure it’s a lot of work to do that for the Switch, but now across the board everything will have quicker loading time too.

So it was just like, a win and a win and only good for the fans of the game.

Kijk je er ook naar uit dat Cuphead onderdeel wordt van de Nintendo Switch-bibliotheek?