Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 – Komt begin 2023

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 – Komt begin 2023

Early 2023 is the confirmed release date for Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2, an RPG and simulation mix from PQube and Agate International.

It was earlier scheduled for this year.


About Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 

The most powerful people in Valthiria are not the result of destiny or prophesy. In specific academies, they received their enrollment, instruction, and training. You are in command of a hero school in Hero School Story 2 to train the next heroes who will defend Valthiria from the evil forces threatening it. Establish connections with the kingdoms vying for power, take control of the faculty, care for a distinctive student body, and you will rank among the most prominent Hero Schools in Valthiria.

In Hero School Story 2, which combines the RPG and simulation genres, you will manage your students by setting their academic schedules and courses, developing their stats, and molding them into the heroes you want. When assigning your students to complete tasks from individuals all around Valthiria, beating diverse foes in tactical turn-based combat, and enhancing your academy’s reputation, these metrics are crucial. It’s important to manage your academy to accommodate the changing student body since there is never a time to rest on your laurels. Every year, seniors will depart and new students will enter.

Make Your Own Hero University

Your job as the academy’s principal is to assign your pupils to the classes and courses they should take in order to mold them into the heroes you want. Are you going to specialize on magical studies and develop into a school for great wizards, a school for fierce warriors, or maybe a little bit of everything? The kind of tasks you may accept will depend on your management style; because foes act as locks to students’ keys, completing more difficult objectives will need the creation of specialized rosters.

Plan, Project, Carry Out, and Repeat

In our unique turn-based combat system, foresight and tactical turn-by-turn choices are essential to success. Players are rewarded for bringing the best team composition and for taking strategic risks in battle. The game is built on class-based proficiencies and exploiting enemy vulnerabilities. Your approach to overcoming the problems at hand might be either cautious or reckless.

Organize a Changing Student Roster

Despite the temptation to concentrate on nurturing and developing just the brightest kids, it is your responsibility as a principal to make sure that every child accepted into your school thrives. Only three years will pass until students must graduate, and every one of them will have an impact on your academy’s reputation (which will discourage talented students from enrolling the next year!). Manage your whole student body accordingly since neglecting any of them may hurt you later on when they ultimately depart the school premises and you are left with those who are less well-cared-for.