Titeuf Mega Party

Titeuf Mega Party

Titeuf returns with more than 40 challenges that are more insane than ever!

The day before the new school year starts, Titeuf hears that it is possible to clone sheep if you choose the best specimen. Afraid that he will be copied to infinity, Titeuf shares his worries with his friends.

Fortunately Hugo always has a solution. If only the best are meant to clone, you only have to get as many stupidities out as possible so that you are not chosen.

So Titeuf and his friends try to get as many strokes as possible, one even more stupid than the other, to escape cloning.

Five game modes

School year: Play alone or with a friend and choose from multiple playable characters to get as many strokes as possible and prevent cloning. The school year consists of three playable episodes.

If you have accepted all the challenges of an episode and your Mega Cool bar is full enough, you will have access to the next episode.

Duels: Don’t have time and just want to have fun? Start a duel against the computer or against a friend. Choose from the 48 available mini-games and see who the biggest idiot is. However, you must first unlock the challenges during the school year. The Duels mode can be played with up to two players.

Mega Duels: Not so fast! To gain access to the Mega Duels you must first survive the school year. Okay, now choose the number of challenges you want. They succeed each other, and the one who wins the most is the winner of the Mega Duels! The Mega Duels stand can be played with up to four players.

Duels of death: The Duels of death are only accessible to the very best players. You must complete the game by a certain percentage to unlock them. Compete against multiple opponents in each challenge of the game (who randomly follow each other) to achieve as many wins as possible. The Duels of Death position can be played with up to four players.

Mega Ace: Three types of challenges to play with up to four players.

Little Ace: Four challenges to take on and play with just a single button.

Super Ace: You play these four challenges with the direction buttons.

Super Mega Ace: The ultimate challenge reserved for the very best players!

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