Digital Foundry; Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Switch & 3DS

Digital Foundry; Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Switch & 3DS

De tech-enthousiastelingen van Digital Foundry hebben een kijkje genomen in de binnenkort te verschijnen Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker op zowel de Nintendo Switch als de Nintendo 3DS.

Digital Foundry onthult dat de game 1080p en 60fps is gedokt op Switch en 720p en 60fps in de handheld-modus. De Nintendo 3DS-versie is blijkbaar een goede poort en werkt met 240p en 30fps.


Digital Foundry Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Analyze

These are topics any one is free to examine in more depth, as Nintendo has released playable demos for both systems, available to all now on the eShop. And as you might expect, on the matter of visuals, Switch coasts through with no problem whatsoever. On Wii U, Captain Toad is a 720p game – just like most of the console’s library. When played in docked mode on Switch, resolution is increased to a full 1080p while handheld mode targets the native 720p of the mobile screen instead.

Clearly, texture detail, shader quality and geometry complexity all take a noticeable hit but on the small 3DS display, it manages to hold up better than you’d think. As a late generation 3DS game, Captain Toad is a surprising showpiece for the system – it’s one of the most attractive games I’ve ever played on the system and it looks fantastic when using the 3D feature. The one key compromise? It runs at 30 frames per second – just like the comparable Super Mario 3D Land – and that’s half the frame-rate of the Wii U original. It is consistent though, and that’s also the case for the Switch port which (in terms of the demo at least) is doggedly locked to 60fps whether playing portably or when docked.

Op welke console ga je Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker aanschaffen?