Digital Foundry – Payday 2

Digital Foundry – Payday 2

De videogame-technologie enthousiasten van Digital Foundry hebben de recent uitgebrachte Payday 2-port voor de Nintendo Switch bekeken. Het is een enigszins controversiële release omdat het blijkbaar functies uit andere indelingen mist.

Payday 2 Writeup

Nintendo Switch runs at a native 1600×900 docked and he mentions a strong post process AA on it but softer than the other version Handheld is 720p.

Texture Quality is low similar to ps4 (trilenear) Xbox has a better texture quality out of the 3 (16x anisotropic filtering) . Textures run at a significantly cut resolutions on switch (fine in handheld but not docked)

Shadows have a lower preset, but less noticeable when in combat.
Object draw distance is very close to Ps4/Xbox one.
Framework is intact (geometric layout and NPCs perceptibly the same).
Chromatic aberration and light bloom is removed.

Nintendo Switch release is a lot in common with other versions even down to the same limitations (lowered frame rate on characters past a certain point).

Frame rate dips a lot, from their runs it can stay in 30 fps for some time in some stages, there are other stages that drop down to 20fps and will stay there for long stretches (character heavy areas, geometry and many areas with breakable glass could be the cause of the dips.), fluctuates between 30-20 fps.

Game speed is tied to FPS so drops makes the game much slower. (they mention that if the game drops to 20 fps for example it will run at 66% speed)
Frame time will also spike occasionally by 16.7ms (small issue but on top of the frame pacing issue doesn’t make the game run smoothly)

No differences in settings from docked and handheld except in resolution (they mention the draw backs are better in handheld because of the smaller screen) but handheld is said to run worse.

Digital Foundry Analyse Video – Payday 2


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