BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Versie 2.0 Expansion – Patch Notes

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Versie 2.0 Expansion – Patch Notes

Arc System Works America heeft aangekondigd dat de beloofde versie 2-uitbreiding voor BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle wereldwijd is uitgebracht!

Let op dat deze wijzigingen ook worden opgenomen in de nieuwe bijgewerkte ‘Special Edition’ van het spel via eShop. Zoals eerder gemeld, is de huidige digitale versie van de game tot 20 november alleen beschikbaar in eShop in Japan en Noord-Amerika en op 21 november in Europa.

Versie 2.0 Expansion – Patch Notes

  • New System
    • New Features
      • Cross Raid
        • After landing the final hit of Smart Combo 1, you can switch in your partner with an incoming attack by pressing A.
        • Successfully landing the Cross Raid attack will switch in your partner in the Active Switch powered-up state.
        • Your partner will have to be at the back to be able to use Cross Raid.
        • Using Cross Raid will use up all remaining Cross Gauge. (You will be able to use Cross Raid regardless of the remaining Cross Gauge.)
        • Your Resonance level will increase regardless of the amount of Cross Gauge left when used. (Same amount as when activating Cross Combo with 100% Cross Gauge.)
      • Extra Assault
        • A powerful attack that can be unleashed by pressing C during the finish of a 2 person Clash Assault.
        • Requires 1 Skill Gauge. A normal Clash Assault will occur if there is not enough Skill Gauge on use.
      • Rampage Time
        • Occurs in matches when the in-game timer reaches 80. This will cause Skill Gauges for both players to increase continuously.
        • The amount of Skill Gauge gained increases as the match approaches time-up.
      • Delayed Down Entrance
        • When your first character is defeated, you can hold A, B or C to delay the timing of the second character entering the battle for up to 1 second.
  • System
    • Category
      • Characters’ Health
        • Each characters’ health has been adjusted accordingly as follows:
        • Characters with 14000 health → adjusted to 16000.
        • Characters with 16000 health → adjusted to 17000.
        • No adjustment has been made to characters with 18000 and 20000 health.
      • Persona Break
        • Reduce the percentage of damage received by half when a Persona Break occurs.
      • Clash Assault
        • Increased the damage of the 2 person Clash Assault.
      • Resonance Blaze in air
        • Changed the hit invulnerability of the landing recovery to complete invulnerability.
      • Smart Combo 1
        • Adjusted the knockback and changed the actions of various characters so that the final hit is easier to connect when hitting an opponent in mid-air.
        • The final hit cannot be Cross Burst.
      • Down Entrance
        • Revamp various elements such as the search timing, making the incoming attack harder to avoid with back and forward movement.
      • Command Throw
        • Added throw invulnerability from the startup to the end of the attack active frame for all against ground command grab that uses Skill Gauge.
        • Added throw invulnerability from the startup to the end of the attack active frame for all of Tager’s, Waldstein’s and Kanji’s against-ground command grab.
        • *The throw invulnerability will run out for chargeable attacks such as Tager’s “Gigantic Tager Driver (EX ver.)” after charging is over a certain duration.
      • Reversal Action (Counter-type)
        • Increased the duration of the counter state.
        • There is no change in the total amount of frame.
      • Partner Skill
        • Adjusted the recovery for moves that loop by itself during cross combo when it hits an opponent on the ground.
      • Combo Count
        • Added a visual cue effect for the time passed during a combo.
        • Changes every second, turning yellow after 6 seconds, and blinking vigorously after 10 seconds.
        • A system message will be displayed accordingly to the combo time after the end of the combo,
      • Training Mode Features
      • Added a FN1 + Position Reset shortcut that switches your main character and sub-character.
      • Added a FN2 + Position Reset shortcut that switches the opponent’s main character and sub-character.
      • Have the counterattack for Counterattack Settings to occur after receiving damage.
  • Other minor bug fixes have been implemented. 

Volledige patch-notities, inclusief Fighter-aanpassingen;